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These small CPG brands use Byzzer CPG reports to fuel
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Databases don’t tell you what to do next. Byzzer CPG reports do.

Byzzer CPG reports leverage NielsenIQ data from over 60,000 CPG brands and $700B in sales. 71% of those sales are generated by small and medium-sized CPG brands like yours. Now you can access that data and monitor your brand performance and emerging brand trends, track a competitor’s gains and losses, and see which way the category is moving to stay ahead of the curve.

Optimize sales performance
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25+ CPG reports designed to make retail success easy.

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Category and Brand Trend Report

Is your brand keeping pace with your category? This report benchmarks your sales trends against your category and dissects your performance week by week across key performance measures. You’ll know where you’re winning – and you’ll be able to show category managers exactly how your brand is driving growth.

Shopper Sales Decomp Tree

Get the inside scoop on shopper behaviors and pinpoint where changes in your consumers’ habits are impacting sales. This report shows you exactly how small tweaks made to those drivers could boost your sales. It’s intel you’ll never get from looking solely at sales.

Business Drivers Waterfall

Get the “why” behind sales ups and downs – new promotions, inflated pricing, category growth. This report shows you the percent of sales associated with those specific factors. Knowing what’s driving those volume shifts eliminates the guesswork and empowers you to take the right action to drive more sales.

Also available in the CPG reports library…

  • The Shopper Demo by Product Report: Who are my shoppers?
  • The Total Brand Landscape Report: See the big picture
  • The Distribution Landscape with VIDEO GUIDE: Get the lay of the land
  • The Product Growth Waterfall: Rising tides
  • The Price Comparison vs. Category Report: Compare apples to apples
  • The Shopper Loyalty Report: Recognizing loyalty

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