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Retail data shouldn’t be overwhelming or hard to mine. But it is. Byzzer changes that so you can outpace the market.

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CPG insights you can trust.
Answers you can act on.

We help small CPG manufacturers pinpoint exactly what to do to sell more - without an army of analysts or huge budgets. With Byzzer, you can easily access, visualize, and extract actionable business insights powered by NielsenIQ data.

Win over more retailers
Gain more in-store presence
Increase ROI with optimized pricing & promotions
Drive new product innovations
Strengthen shopper loyalty

So how does Byzzer work?

Byzzer is a subscription-based platform that leverages NielsenIQ’s world-class retail data to help you pinpoint exactly where your distribution, price, and promotion opportunities lie - so you can take action.

Never lose another dollar.

By utilizing sales data from +90K stores and +100K households, Byzzer sends you weekly brand + market alerts directly to your inbox. We alert you to the exact opportunities and threats you should know to avoid costly mistakes.

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Justify every business decision.

Get straightforward answers from our library of 15+ reports, powered by NielsenIQ data. The reports translate your performance across multiple markets, retailers, and product characteristics to help you better understand your key business opportunities so you can justify every decision with confidence.

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How we’re different.

We arm small CPG executives with the retail insights that matter most to drive sales. You’ve made it this far on intuition. We’ll help you go all the way.

Stop guessing, start knowing

Retail data is complex and most options available require an army of analysts and countless hours of mining data to extract value – not with Byzzer. We’ve simplified our data structure and removed industry jargon, so you can justify every business decision with data.

Get immediate, self-serve answers

No need to wait days or weeks for answers, with Byzzer, your data and insights are accessible immediately with our self-serve, intuitive platform.

Outsmart your competition,
without overspending

Most retail offerings are built and priced for big companies. We are SMB native, built to power your sales strategy with proactive alerts, actionable reports, and advanced analytics at a price that makes sense for your small business.

Insights you can trust,
powered by NielsenIQ

There’s no need to purchase data separately or integrate with multiple analytics vendors. Byzzer is a one-stop-shop that automatically integrates NielsenIQ retail measurement and consumer panel data. Have the confidence to take action on insights you can trust.

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Convince retailers your product deserves to be on the shelf.

See what drives us.

We aren’t your average data company. We see the world a little differently and believe data equality is critical for the growth of emerging businesses.

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Join our team.

We are fast-thinkers. We are risk-takers. We value diversity in our team as much as we do in our data sets. We are in it to win it, together.

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