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Connect with the discerning consumer’s wellness and lifestyle preferences

Total Wellness Bundle

Capture growth with the product insights that connect you with the empowered and conscious consumer.

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Five reports featuring more than attributes across 17 attribute groups allow you to understand your growth opportunities related to wellness and lifestyle.

Bundle includes:

  • Access to 5 report templates
  • 5 Categories
  • 100 core report runs
  • 10 account members

Total Wellness Ad Hoc Reports

Identify specific insights to connect with the conscious consumer to capture growth opportunities.

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Choose from 5 reports featuring more than 500 attributes across 17 attribute groups. Meet the changing needs and product preferences of conscious consumers through data driven insights and activation.

Reports Available:

  • Product Insight by Attribute
  • Product Insight Price Impact
  • Product Insight by Brands & Items
  • Product Insight by Select Attributes
  • Product Insight Regional Demand

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Frequently asked questions

  • Data is great but only if you can translate the data into actions. With smart alerts and reports Byzzer does just that – translates data into a recommended action. For example, the Assortment Smart Action report details which items are at risk of being delisted and which items are opportunities to expand distribution, by account. Before you take action, understand the estimated sales impact of those actions so you can discuss with your category manager before it is too late.

  • Byzzer is powered by NielsenIQ’s retail measurement and consumer panel data. Every week our data is updated to give you the most accurate read on performance, so you can trust you’re making the right business decisions.

  • We can help! When setting up your plan, we give you the ability to look up your brand or reach out to customer service to quickly determine which categories your brand falls into based on NielsenIQ’s retail measurement data.

  • We made our Starter and Essential subscriptions very customizable to fit your needs. We know your brand may fall into multiple categories, so we made it easy to add more categories. If you would like 10+ categories included in your Starter or Essentials subscription, contact sales here to help design the right package for you.

  • Our free subscription is 100% free! No credit card is required to get started. A free plan will give you 1 brand alert emailed to you weekly, 1 free Category & Brand Trend Report, plus instant access to view and purchase our ad hoc reports.

  • Get started with our free subscription and you will gain access to view and purchase any of our 15+ reports on the fly! Explore some of the reports you can buy here.

  • You can purchase our ad hoc reports or any subscription with all major credit cards or through an ACH bank transfer payment.

  • If you choose to cancel your subscription before the end of your one-year term, you will need to pay a cancellation fee equal to any months remaining.

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