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Byzzer is the only retail analytics platform that makes it easier for your small pet brand to sell more products. Get easy-to-understand retail insights and see your products in more pet shop windows.

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The pet category is barking and booming.

Pet adoption and fostering hit an all-time high in 2020. Pet owners bought more products than ever before, even branching into new products like CBD for pets. Today’s pet owners are hyper-aware of the ingredients, materials, and overall quality of what they give their pets. And neighborhood pet stores strive to provide their pet parent shoppers with products that put their pet’s interests first. The opportunity for small CPG pet manufacturers to enter or scale in the neighborhood market is there – and the data that reveals the market trends and consumer preferences of quality-conscious owners has the potential to change the game completely.

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You can’t get this CPG pet category data anywhere else.

Byzzer is an easy-to-use retail analytics platform built for small CPG pet brands to help grow your brand faster. Our actionable, trusted insights are powered by NielsenIQ – the only data provider with retail measurement data in the neighborhood pet market.

Build your brand
Gain more shelf space
Increase shopper loyalty
Drive new product innovations
Reach more pets (and owners)

Pet purchases are driven by emotion – what’s best for the pet?

That answer is changing all the time, but Byzzer can help you stay in the loop. Byzzer delivers actionable insights powered by NielsenIQ data, so you know exactly what’s happening in the market and how to grow your brand.

Get big insights for a small price tag.

Major data retailers charge more than most brands can pay. Byzzer was built specifically for small CPG pet brands and their budgets.

See trending characteristics – the good and the bad.

One rogue ingredient can send brands into a downward spiral. Byzzer helps you stay ahead of the curve and deliver products pet owners – and their preferred retailers – will love.

Benchmark growth against your category.

If category growth is outpacing brand growth, you might need to make a change. Category and brand reports show you exactly where your brand is leading or lagging so you know where to concentrate your efforts.

Know where to sell.

Neighborhood pet stores are everywhere. But each one serves a unique demographic of pet owners. Byzzer shows you shopper loyalty and market opportunities to see where your products will sell best.

Pinpoint high-growth pet brands.

Byzzer isn’t just for manufacturers. See how our platform helps financial businesses make smarter investment decisions and expand their portfolios with up-and-coming pet CPG brands.

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Shameless Pets knows that CPG data doesn’t just win you a spot on the shelf – it keeps you there.

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