The Psychology Of Being Your Own Boss

An HBR article version of Gianpiero’s piece came out that is v easy to read. —JM Our conclusion is that people in the gig economy must pursue a different kind of success—one that comes from finding a balance between predictability and possibility, between viability (the promise of continued work) and vitality (feeling present, authentic, and […]

The Psychology of Work Independence

This new study by Insead’s Gianpiero Petriglieri, et al is super useful not only to understand the psychology of the “gig economy” participants, but to understand the psychology of small business owners and entrepreneurs in general. By clarifying the process through which people manage emotions associated with precarious and personalized work identities, and thereby render […]

A Small Business Is Big Work

I had both the fortune and misfortune of growing up in a family-run small business. I say “fortune” because it shaped my later years of life in positive ways as it gave me a work ethic that has served me to this day; and I say “misfortune” because it meant that I was always working […]