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How to use data to develop a winning assortment strategy

Today’s consumer packaged goods manufacturers have access to a seemingly infinite amount of data on their customers, product performance and...

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The best-in-class non-dairy milk brands

8 minute read

For small CPG brands, it can be tough to show retailers that you deserve a spot on their shelves. It...

[DEEP DIVE] The reports you need for your next category review

1 minute read

You’ve already done the hard part developing a great product. Now dig into the data. When you’ve got the numbers to prove your strength, retailers can’t say no.

How to make the most of your Byzzer free subscription

8 minute read

So you’ve signed up for Byzzer’s free subscription! Great first step. You’re ready for a taste of what retail data...

In which categories are items most vulnerable to being delisted?

9 minute read

If you’re wondering “Which categories are most vulnerable to items being delisted?” the short answer is: all of them. Of...

12 Best-in-class CPG brands fighting for a spot on your charcuterie board

8 minute read

What do shoppers look for when selecting items for the perfect charcuterie board? And what can smaller CPG manufacturers and...

How small CPG businesses can build a data-driven growth strategy

6 minute read

“In the new world,  it is not the big fish which eats the small fish. It’s the fast fish which...

4 Data points to back up your Byzzer purchase

4 minute read

Any investment in your small to medium sized CPG business is a fraught question. How can you be sure you’re...

[DEEP DIVE] What does loyalty really mean?

1 minute read

Panel data fundamentals focus on four key metrics: penetration, buying rate, purchase size and purchase frequency.

[DEEP DIVE] Panel data decision tree: What is driving sales?

1 minute read

As CPG industry professionals, we know that panel, also known as household data can help us make more informed business decisions.

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