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NielsenIQ Report: Long-Term Sustainability

4 minute read

Every CPG company or brand wants to be “sustainable,” but that goal can mean a lot of different things to...

3 Useful Metrics to Optimize Your CPG Trade Promotion Spend

14 minute read

As a small CPG company, you want to sell more product. So, you work with your retail partners to plan and...

7 Factors That Influence the Demand of Consumer Goods

10 minute read

As a CPG company, one of the biggest challenges you face is anticipating demand. If you put out too much...

Spotting the Next CPG Unicorn

6 minute read

In today’s landscape, consumer circumstances, mindsets, and priorities are vastly different than a few years ago. One commonality? A heightened...

The Complete Guide to CPG Data Analytics 2022

13 minute read

The consumer packaged goods industry is driven by data. You need to know where your products are sold, how many...

CPG Pricing Strategies: How Do You Price a CPG Product?

7 minute read

If you run a small or mid-sized CPG company, you know that pricing can make or break your sales figures. But it’s not as...

NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Award Winners Announced 

4 minute read

The first-ever NielsenIQ Brand Score Excellence Awards for outstanding Pricing and Promotion have been announced. Congratulations to NielsenIQ Brand Score...

The Truth Behind the Rise of Alternative Sweeteners

6 minute read

According to NielsenIQ Product Insight, the number of UPCs in Food & Beverage that would qualify to contain high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has...

The Wellness Movement and Alternative Sweeteners

5 minute read

Over the centuries, sugar has been regarded as a medicine, a spice, a symbol of royalty, a source of wealth...

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