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NielsenIQ Total Wellness solution helps you connect with consumer needs and better understand product preferences.

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NielsenIQ Total Wellness

Today, every consumer is a health and wellness consumer. Unlock growth opportunities related to wellness and lifestyle by meeting changing consumer needs and product preferences with data driven insights and activation. Through NielsenIQ Total Wellness solutions, gain access to reports featuring more than 500 Product Insight attributes across expertly curated attribute groups.

Drive growth
Track trends of the attributes, attribute groups, brands and items that are performing best in the market.
See the full picture
Define content that matches what consumers are looking for with product coding and derived attributes that are based on the ingredients and not just on-package claims.
Stay ahead of the competition
Understand trends across all major CPG categories and identify growth opportunities.
Quickly Pivot
On demand data with immediate access allows you to have the data you need, when you need it.

Learn what’s driving sales with reports based on specific attributes.

Our reports highlight performance, pricing, and marketing & promotion trends based on each attribute.

  1. Product Insight by Attribute Report: Understand how products and brands with specific attributes within an attribute group perform across categories and markets.
  2. Product Insight Price Impact Report: Identify the attributes that command the highest everyday price and track pricing trends across attributes.
  3. Product Insight by Brands & Items Report: Know which brands and items are succeeding and growing for particular attributes.
  4. Product Insight by Select Attributes Report: Compare the performance of attributes within a selected wellness attribute group by sales, growth, price, timing and regional performance.
  5. Product Insight by Regional Demand: Track sales, distribution and share of the selected attribute group by market, region and state.

Unique attributes covering over 99% of all consumer product queries.

  • Product Insight attributes range from the claims and certification on the pack to the most granular ingredient-level information you need to fully understand the product and how it connects with the consumer.
  • NielsenIQ uses a combination of expertise, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to capture, structure, and transform on-package information, to identify unique attributes that cover over 99% of all consumer product queries.
  • This includes ingredients, nutritional analysis, preparation and packaging, and much more.

Attribute Groups Descriptions:

  • Clean Label

  • FDA AHA Nutrition

  • Food as Medicine

  • Plant-Based Proteins

  • Allergens and Intolerance

  • Specialty Diets

  • Sustainability All

  • Sustainability Animal Welfare

  • Sustainability Biobased

  • Sustainability Energy Efficiencies

  • Sustainability Social Responsibility

  • Sustainability Environmental

  • Sustainability Farming

  • Sustainability Forestry

  • Sustainability Resource Management

  • Sustainability Seafood

  • Sustainability Packaging

  • Ingredients

  • Free from Ingredients

  • Essentials (for Baby, HH Cleaning, and Bev Al)

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