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Analytic offerings that remove the guesswork in what to do next in order to grow sales and increase ROI. NielsenIQ Brand Scorecards™ and Smart Alerts offer speed to insight so that you can quickly take action, and feel confident that you are making the right decisions to optimize performance.

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Rich analytics, powered by NielsenIQ automated models and AI, provide unbiased results for every brand and market

NielsenIQ Brand Scorecards™

Quickly gauge your brand’s performance within your category and market against the competition. By distilling several metrics into a single score, you get a concise evaluation of where your brand is winning, where you need improvement, and how you stack up to your competitors.

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Diagnose how your performance in four key functions -price, promotion, assortment and new products- is impacting your overall score. Utilize the Brand Scorecards Dashboard to identify specific action items to improve your overall score.

Smart Reports

Data and graphs are nice, but answers and actions are even better. With Smart Reports, get the answers you need to to grow sales with item-level, actionable recommendations by market.

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