Not all CPG brands are winners. We’ll help consumer focused private equity firms find the ones that are.

Byzzer helps financial analysts and consumer-focused private equity firms leverage CPG market data from NielsenIQ to identify the most promising up-and-coming CPG brands, categories, and subcategories.

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These brands are becoming household names.

Identify “the next big thing” in CPG before your competitors do.

With so many categories and brands to choose from, identifying high-potential CPG brands is no small feat – but the reward is worth it. Over the years, CPG categories like food and beverage and pet products have demonstrated consistent demand despite economic highs and lows. And as more and more consumers pay attention to the ingredients found in the brands that they buy, hedge funds and consumer-focused private equity firms have the opportunity to capitalize on emerging CPG brands that are aligned with buying trends and positioned for growth, product innovation, or acquisition.

Byzzer strengthens and diversifies your portfolio.

Many consumer-focused private equity firms and hedge funds have no shortage of data. But they’re wasting time trying to extract value from it. Byzzer delivers what most major data retailers won’t – easy-to-understand, actionable analytics you can take to the bank. Really. Show the data to your bank. They’ll love it.

Anticipate inflection points
Make smart decisions faster
Maximize trade value
Turn higher profits

Drowning in data? Here’s a life preserver.

Don’t go fishing for up-and-coming CPG brands – spearhead your search with actionable market insights powered by NielsenIQ data that show consumer-focused private equity firms the up-and-coming CPG brands you should add to your portfolio for maximum returns.

Mitigate the risk of investment.

You deal in risk every day. Make smarter decisions with comprehensive market, category, and brand reports that show current and historical trends.

Uncover hidden opportunities

Small or independent brands can be easy to miss, lost in the sheer volume of data in retail databases. Niche brand ranking and category landscape reports tell you exactly who to watch.

Land the next consumer favorite.

Leverage weekly business intelligence alerts and customized reporting to stay in tune with the CPG market and take action before other analysts even have a clue.

Get the lay of the CPG land.

Byzzer isn’t just for manufacturers. See how our platform helps financial businesses make smarter investment decisions and expand their portfolios with up-and-coming CPG brands.

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