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This report looks through the lens of art and science to combine 20+ years of beauty equity research experience with proprietary point-of-sale data from NielsenIQ that covers ~40% of the U.S. total market and ~50% of the mass market, household panel data, and a multi-generational understanding of beauty trends. Using this data, the Beauty market has been divided into six brand segments including, Conglomerates, Beauty Groups, Niche, Private Label, Micro, and Indie, to help you understand which brands or groups of brands are growing the fastest and are best poised to capitalize on emerging trends.

Beauty: The Indie Brands Intelligence Report

The Beauty Brands & Segments to Lead the Economic Recovery

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Understand which beauty segments dominated during the pandemic, and which segments and brands will lead the economic recovery.

Unlock which beauty consumer trends are on the rise and who is best poised to capitalize on them across six beauty segments.

Pinpoint the top-performing beauty segments, categories, and emerging brands to inform your growth or financial strategy.

The Top Emerging Beauty Trends

The Most Explosive Beauty Segments, Categories, & Brands

Not all beauty segments are created equal. This exclusive report, backed by NielsenIQ data, reveals the top emerging beauty segments, brands, and trends you should have on your radar to inform your next investment and growth strategy. Order it today to get these insights and more digitally!

Identify "the next big thing" in Beauty before your competitors.

Beauty: Indie Brands Intelligence Report


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