Assortment is the CPG product mix a retailer stocks and sells.

When discussing a retailer’s assortment, you may hear the following terminology:


Items not currently carried by a retailer in any of their stores that should be added in at least 1 of their stores based on that item’s performance in the retailer’s rest-of-market and the item’s fit with the retailer’s shoppers.


Items that the retailer currently carries that are being recommended to be delisted due to low performance. Delist is a recommended action to take in an assortment optimization, while at-risk is a warning signal for a brand that one of their products might be on the chopping block.


These are items that the retailer currently carries in a percentage of their stores, but based on performance deserve to be carried in more of that retailer’s stores.


This is a retailer framework that combines growth and the share of category space allocated to the product versus the retailer’s rest-of-market to identify a recommended assortment action. Products flagged as Maintain have high growth and the retailer is allocating the same or more share of space of the category to the product versus the rest of market.

Dollar Opportunity

The quantified opportunity for a product from securing the additional distribution that the product deserves based on its performance relative to category peers. Our advanced algorithm looks at each product through the retailers lens and determines how much distribution the item should have to maximize category sales. The $ opportunity quantifies the expected sales growth from securing this increased distribution.

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