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What attributes like “clean label” and “responsibly sourced” should mean to small CPG manufacturers

8 minute read

How small CPG manufacturers can win over today’s conscious consumers with the product labels they’re looking for There’s no doubt...

How to use data to ensure the success of a new product launch

6 minute read

Congratulations, you’ve launched a product! A great deal of data and resources went into planning, launching, and promoting your brand’s...

Data has the answers. Now who has the cheat sheet?

6 minute read

There has never been more data potentially available for retail CPG manufacturers than there is today. According to data from...

[FREE REPORT] How to make the most of your retail audit

1 minute read

Get actionable recommendations from your retail data with Byzzer’s new Smart Alerts & Reports

7 minute read

Did you notice we launched some new product features?! At Byzzer, our #1 objective is to make data more accessible...

3 CPG industry problems solved by business intelligence

12 minute read

At this point, hearing the term “business intelligence” might set your BS radar off – lots of companies claim to...

NielsenIQ officially launches new Byzzer platform — retail analytics for small CPG brands

2 minute read

NielsenIQ launches retail analytics for small CPG brands NielsenIQ’s new Byzzer platform is purpose-built to enable small businesses to sell...

Trend report: The CPG brands moving from Millennials to Gen Z

6 minute read

If you’re a millennial consumer, you might be noticing a shift in trends: The marketing and advertising that used to...

[FREE REPORT] How to identify CPG brands for your next acquisition target

1 minute read

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