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How sustainable farming impacts holiday shopping with turkeys for Thanksgiving and hams for Christmas

5 minute read

For many Americans, turkeys, and Thanksgiving go hand in hand, just like Christmas and hams. But over the last few...

How NielsenIQ Total Wellness helps CPG manufacturers increase revenue with attribute insight

5 minute read

Every day, more consumers take a long pause in the grocery aisle or online to carefully examine products’ health and...

How and why food + beverage and beauty consumers are migrating to clean label living

6 minute read

Today, more consumers buy products for themselves and their families with health and wellness in mind than ever before. It...

The pet food trends and attributes that drove in-store sales and online searches in 2020-2021

5 minute read

According to the 2021-2022 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 70% of US households own a pet. But for an increasing...

What CPG brands can do to capture growth from strong trends in plant-based protein?

5 minute read

Go into any average grocery store today, and you’ll likely see Beyond Burgers alongside traditional beef patties and almond milk...

How well does your brand leverage price?

5 minute read

Setting product prices is a conundrum that affects all manufacturers. You think you know how to weigh your production costs...

Retail analytics best practices guide – 2021  

8 minute read

In the CPG world, the best way to move your company forward is to analyze data. Unfortunately, with so much...

What kind of clean, healthy, or sustainable labels do US consumers want?

4 minute read

See what consumers around the country are looking for when they do their grocery shopping As healthier, more conscious consumption...

Beauty industry & brand insights report: Emerging trends for 2021

6 minute read

When COVID-19 came around, the pandemic hit a lot of industries hard. For the beauty industry, the fact that many...

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