Get actionable recommendations from your retail data with Byzzer’s new Smart Alerts & Reports

By Chelsea Stone

7 min read

May 18, 2021

Did you notice we launched some new product features?!

At Byzzer, our #1 objective is to make data more accessible to SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). As we find new and better ways to bring you insights, we will continuously provide new features and enhancements baked directly into the platform so you get more value.

Byzzer customers receive monthly release notes that empower you to:

  • Gain insight into our priorities and why we have launched the new features
  • Learn about new features available and where to find more information
  • Get a sneak peak at what is coming next


Let’s talk about the new product features

Our team has been hard at work to bring you new reports and alerts, enhance your experience, and launch our brand new package, Activate. The core focus for our April launch has been helping you to extract more value from the reports with new features like in-report filtering. We also launched the new Smart Alerts and Reports which provide specific action recommendations – because data and graphs are nice, but answers and action are even better.

Our clients are our best product reviewers!

Many of our new features are based on feedback from CPG data users like you. If you have suggestions or just want to tell us what you think, contact us here.


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Our new Smart product enhancements provide recommended actions to grow your business – so let’s jump in:


Smart Reports

The smart reports provide item-level, actionable recommendations by market. Use our smart reports to find out what actions you need to take today to grow sales tomorrow. Get the answers you need to your most pressing business questions. Save hours analyzing the data and let us do it for you with these 4 smart reports:

All included in the Activate Subscription:

Smart Pricing Actions

The Pricing Smart Action report helps CPG brands determine their products’ ideal pricing with competitive analysis and recommendations.

Smart Promotion Actions

The Promotion Smart Action report provides CPG brands with the insights and recommendations they need to deploy effective promotions at the right time.

Smart New Market Actions

The New Market Smart Action report helps CPG brands see how their products align with the market based on category performance and competitive landscape.

Smart Assortment Actions

The Assortment Smart Action report shows CPG brands the impact of adding or expanding their presence in retailers’ assortments and recommends action.


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Smart Alerts

Get more out of each smart alert by comparing this week’s activity to the 7-week trend to flag if you need to investigate why this week is different. Take swift action based on the provided recommendations or opportunities, all supported by a Smart Alert report updated weekly.

All included in the Activate Subscription:

Smart Brand Trend Alert

The Smart Brand Trend Alert helps you identify significant changes in brand or category performance compared to 7-week trends.

Smart Market Trend Alert

The Smart Market Trend Alert helps CPG manufacturers identify markets where their brands are performing differently compared to the previous 7-week trend.

Smart Price Position Trend Alert

Understand the brand’s price position in the category for this week compared to the previous 7-week trend with the Price Position Trend Alert.

Assortment Opportunity Alert

Track opportunities to expand your brand and items at risk for up to 10 markets with the Smart Assortment Opportunity Alert.


Activate Package

The Activate package includes all the core reports you need to run your business plus Smart Reports and Alerts. The smart action alerts and reports take the guesswork out of what to do with all the data. Feel confident about the actions you are taking at each retailer. Find out more on the activate package and our other plans to see which one makes the most for your business.

The Activate subscription includes:

  • 5 categories
  • 8 Weekly Alerts
  • 1000 Core Report Runs a year, plus your first 5 reports are free
  • 50 Smart Action Report Runs
  • Access to all new Smart Reports and Alerts, in addition to all the reports and alerts included in Essentials

Byzzer CPG data platform pricing plans


New retail data Reports & Alerts

Along with the Smart alerts and reports, we have launched 4 new core alerts and reports based on your feedback:

Growth Alert

Included in all paid subscriptions
The Growth Alert helps track your brand’s monthly growth within the category compared to category averages and competing brands.

Category Performance by Market

Included in Essentials and Activate Subscriptions
The Category Performance by Market report tracks sales, unique brands and promotion levels for a selected CPG category or subset in up to 10 markets.

Independent Brands by Category

Included in Essentials and Activate Subscriptions
The Independent Brand by Category report tracks the performance of all independent brands across categories over time by three key metrics.

Pet Vertical Report

Available for ad hoc purchase
The Vertical Report provides a top to bottom performance review of a department from total sales to brand and characteristics leading the way.


What’s Coming

We are continuously working on new features and enhancements to your experience. Here is a sneak peak into what is coming soon.

  1. 💡  One Smart Report Run is now available for all current Essentials subscribers for you to test the Smart New Market Report.
  2. 🚀   Market selection for core alerts will allow you to pick the market of your choice – including retail accounts – for any alert. 
  3. 👀  All reports will be converted to white backgrounds to make them easier to read, print, and capture images. 
  4. 👍   Walmart and Sam’s Club will be available for a guided prior approval and purchase process. In addition, any markets which require prior approval like Dollar General will also be available. Afterwards, they will be available to run in any report or alert just like any other market.
  5. 🛠   Item Ranking and Product Performance Reports will allow you to select 7 characteristics to include in the table – not as filters – for more detailed investigations. Note, if you open these reports from your history, they will look different.
  6. 🤩   My Portfolio is a new page for all users for you to investigate your brand. See your brands’ top markets and categories to inform the categories you need in your subscription or to run a report. You will also be able to search for your products to see where they fall, without using a report run. 
  7. 🎁   More reports! The new reports will help you compare your performance to other brands and provide more item level details. 


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