10 products to promote during the holidays

By Chelsea Stone

5 min read

December 9, 2020

In December, grocery stores across the country begin pushing promotions on our favorite holiday staples. During December 2019, 58% of sales came from promoted items – compare that to only 10% in June or 31% in September 2019.

So, if your brand is a seasonal treat, how do you know if you should offer a promotional price? And if so, how much should you discount by?

A look at the data from Christmases past can give us a glimpse of what products are most popularly bought on promotion during the holiday food shopping season…

Frozen Pies

In September 2019, only 13% of frozen pies sales came from promotions. By November, that jumped to 80% for Thanksgiving, and fell to 65% in December. Actual average unit prices varied very little, selling for an average $4.49 in October, $4.47 in November, and $4.58 in December.

Premium Chocolate

What are the holidays without chocolate? Shoppers gifting (or planning to enjoy the chocolate themselves) are looking for deals, as the 66% sold on promotion during December 2019 demonstrates. The average price from December 2019 – $3.71 – is actually almost 20% higher than the average price for the rest of the 2019 ($2.97). 

Hair Care Combination Packs

Whether you’ve got to look good for the holiday party scene or you’d like to gift that privilege to somebody else, shoppers are also looking for deals on hair care sets – 66% of sales were on bought on promotion in December 2019, compared to 45% in November and only 14% in October.

Nuts and Seeds Variety Packs

Any holiday party worth crashing puts out a nice spread of fancy nuts. That must be why 67% of nuts and seeds packs were sold on promotion in December 2019 – and average unit prices were also lower than the average for the rest of the year ($9.40 in December compared to $9.71).

Bakery Tortillas

While most of us would love to have the time to make our own tortillas from scratch for the Christmas meal, when you’re cooking for the whole family, you may have to swing by the bakery section and buy them pre-made instead. Doesn’t hurt if they’re on promotion, too – 68% sold during December 2019 were on promotion for an average price of $1.06 – a good deal compared to the average $1.43 price for the rest of 2019.

Sparkling Juice

Teetotalers and the underaged deserve some bubbly at Christmas and New Year’s, too. In December 2019, manufacturers served an average 13% discount and $2.77 unit price. In total, 68% of sparkling juice sales in December 2019 came from promotions. (That’s compared to only 37% in October 2019.)

Spiral Hams

December is definitely the time to discount if you’re selling ham: 69% sold on discount in December 2019 for an average price of $1.88 per pound at an average 42% discount. (Compare that to an average cost of $3.05 per pound in September.)

Bath & Shower Gift Sets

This most popular gift for the family member you don’t know that well made lots of sales on promotions in December 2019 – 69%, in fact, at an average price of $8.11 and discount of 27%.

Frozen Meal Kits

When the stress of the holidays becomes too much, there’s always the frozen food section – and shoppers turned there in droves in December 2019 – 72% of sales were made on promotions. Compare that to 26% in November and 18% in October and it’s clear that by the end of the year, we’re tired of cooking – we want something easy!

Fresh Mandarins

Shoppers looking to gift mandarins to loved ones for good luck in the New Year also love to buy their mandarins on sale – in December 2019, 73% of mandarin sales were from promotions for an average price of $4.08 and discount of 25%. (Compare that to an average price of $4.41 in September 2019 when only 56% of sales came from promotions.)

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