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[DEEP DIVE] What does loyalty really mean?
[DEEP DIVE] Panel data decision tree: What is driving sales?
[DEEP DIVE] POS data decision tree: The questions you should be asking
2020’s Top trending CPG product attributes
If you’re looking to innovate your product or product line for the new year, one good place to turn for...
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Understanding key differences between POS and panel data
The number one challenge we hear from small businesses is not that the CPG industry lacks data – it’s that...
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9 BevAl brands you didn’t know are celebrity-owned
It’s tough out there for small BevAl brands looking to break into a competitive CPG market. One particular kind of...
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[DEEP DIVE] A new frontier in spoiling our pets
During the peak of our panicked COVID consumption, Nielsen asked consumers, “What attributes are important to your purchase decision?”
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[DEEP DIVE] What drinks did we spike in 2020?
It’s no surprise COVID drove us to drink, but our capacity for invention might surprise you. During the pandemic, we...
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[DEEP DIVE] Beauty brands TikTok made us buy
While the cosmetics category may have suffered, some brands benefitted from the TikTok obsession we consumers developed in quarantine.
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