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3 CPG industry problems solved by business intelligence

At this point, hearing the term “business intelligence” might set your BS radar off – lots of companies claim to...

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Get actionable recommendations from your retail data with Byzzer’s new Smart Alerts & Reports

7 minute read

Did you notice we launched some new product features?! At Byzzer, our #1 objective is to make data more accessible...

NielsenIQ officially launches new Byzzer platform — retail analytics for small CPG brands

2 minute read

NielsenIQ launches retail analytics for small CPG brands NielsenIQ’s new Byzzer platform is purpose-built to enable small businesses to sell...

Trend report: The CPG brands moving from Millennials to Gen Z

6 minute read

If you’re a millennial consumer, you might be noticing a shift in trends: The marketing and advertising that used to...

[FREE REPORT] How to identify CPG brands for your next acquisition target

1 minute read

3 Useful metrics to optimize your CPG trade promotion spend

13 minute read

You want to sell more product. So, you work with your retail partners to plan and run a trade promotion....

The best-in-class non-dairy milk brands

7 minute read

For small CPG brands, it can be tough to show retailers that you deserve a spot on their shelves. It...

[DEEP DIVE] The reports you need for your next category review

1 minute read

You’ve already done the hard part developing a great product. Now dig into the data. When you’ve got the numbers to prove your strength, retailers can’t say no.

How to make the most of your Byzzer free subscription

8 minute read

So you’ve signed up for Byzzer’s free subscription! Great first step. You’re ready for a taste of what retail data...

In which categories are items most vulnerable to being delisted?

9 minute read

If you’re wondering “Which categories are most vulnerable to items being delisted?” the short answer is: all of them. Of...

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