This blog is a journey by John Maeda to understand the psychology of small business owners as they encounter the new possibilities empowered by the Internet.

According to

Pronunciation: /bɪzɚ/

byzzer is a business owner who uses technology-based services to advance their commercial objectives. They are an owner, and sometimes an entrepreneur when they’ve started their venture from scratch. Different from a techy, a byzzer is someone whose primary goal isn’t to be just adept in technology — the success of their business is what drives them.

Usage Example 1: Many byzzers are going online to create a presence on the Internet. They’re different from the first-generation of techies in digital know-how, but they do not want to be left out of the digital revolution.

Usage Example 2: A blogger loves to express themselves online; a byzzer loves to get themselves a return on investment online.

But it’s always helpful to consider dissenting opinions about whether it’s important to care about byzzers (or any new definition of new word), take note of the comment off of my LinkedIn post.

I’d go backwards in time and refresh a term that will be used for those who actually win out. If these individuals are not online and developing brand, they will lose sooner than later. Let’s just call them a — Small Business Owner.

Julian Toha

Julian’s important point is that it’s hard to get off the ground with one’s business with or without Internet knowledge. —JM